WMRAS Excellence Awards 2017

WMRAS Excellence Awards 2017


Take a look around you… You recognise companies and individuals who are dedicated to keeping our cities clean, who are always ready to help, who create a more sustainable living environment for us.

Nominate your front line staff, our “Unsung Heroes”, for the Outstanding Collection Crew or Outstanding Truck Handler Awards so that their industry friends and the public can appreciate and applaud them for their dedication and service provided.

This year, we are also launching three new award categories, “Environmental Sustainability,“Business Sustainability” andWorkplace Safety and Health (Hazardous Waste) & (General Waste) to recognise companies’ efforts in upgrading their businesses and contributing to the creation of a more sustainable living environment.

More information can be found in the Nomination Forms. Seize this opportunity to give due recognition to someone who has done great work in the waste management industry by 18 September!

Note: WMRAS reserves the right to make changes to the Award and nomination forms.