Smart Garbage Bin

Smart Garbage Bin

Beng Hock Mechanical Engineering launched the Smart Garbage (SG) Bin on 19 November at the Turf Club.

Designed and built locally, the SG Bin is meant to be fully automated with minimal waste leakage.

Some of its features include:

  • Smart Function
    The SG is fully automated with a fail-safe mechanism that allows the user to operate it safely.
  • Pest-proof Structural Design
    During storage, it fully contains garbage and prevents pests from entering.
  • IOT System
    It provides the user with ease of operation. The SG Bin will shutdown remotely when it detects any  oil leakage.
  • Diastolic Packing Motion
    This will ensure that garbage is packed to the the bin’s maximum capacity.
  • Rear Connector Gate
    This provides a direct connection for the SG bin to the garbage truck during garbage collection. The walls prevent leakage during transfers.

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