Sustainable Solutions by MRJ Infosolutions & Trade Pte Ltd

Sustainable Solutions by MRJ Infosolutions & Trade Pte Ltd

What we deliver:

We have versatile, scalable (both ways) solutions to some of the most pressing concerns of today and tomorrow – plastics, mixed waste and need for sustainable indoor cooling (and heating). All our solutions are centred around eco-friendliness, maximum retentivity and value extraction from waste which is currently burnt (incinerated) or landfilled. We specialise in commercially viable, distributed waste treatment and value generation using no-incineration/no-landfill methods.

  1. Mixed Waste to Energy Conversion

Capacity Range 5 – 50 MT Per Day

  1. Non-Recyclable Plastic to Liquid Fuel Conversion

Capacity Range 3 – 30 MT Per Day

  1. Waste to Energy + Sustainable Indoor Cooling Solution

Capacity 5 MT Per Day

While all our solutions have an element to filter the recyclables and send them back to the mainstream, we have a key element, value/ energy “recovery” (the 4th R) at every stage which makes our proposals apt for the Circular Economy and are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How can we work together?

  1. For your inhouse sustainable project requirements.
  2. We provide the treatment (as described above) and for the waste volumes you are currently handling
  3. We can provide solutions for any new waste handling operations that you may be considering.

Contact Details:

Raj Swaroop
MRJ Infosolutions & Trade Pte Ltd
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