Maxiton Engineering Asia Pte Ltd

Maxiton Engineering Asia Pte Ltd

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MAXITON ENGINEERING ASIA started in 2018, as a subsidiary of NEW LEAD ENGINEERING, one of the market leaders in the material handling equipment industry. MEA is an integrated solution provider for Waste Handling Equipment (WME) Industry. On contrary to the young age of the company, Maxiton Engineering Asia Pte Ltd is founded by a team of experienced individuals with more than 20 years of experience in the waste management industry.


To be the trend-setter that designs innovative and practical solid waste handling system to improve efficiency in waste handling processes. MAXITON stands for MAXImize TONnage of Refuse Handling to reduce Carbon Footprint into the ecosystem.


With our unlimited Imagination and passion, we are committed to achieving a higher tonnage of refuse handling with advanced technology, to reduce the Carbon Emission to the world.